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Art has somehow managed to weave itself through every fiber of the tapestry that is my life. I see it in everything. Nature gives me a daily fix from its abundant palette of patterns, colors and textures. Music provides the shades and shadows. Doric columns, Zen gardens, upholstery fabric, a dog’s curled ear, a tiger’s bold coat … art, art everywhere.

During 11 years of catholic schooling, wearing those God awful ( no pun intended ) uniforms, I was always looking for a way to add something artful – ribbons in my hair, rainbow-colored shoe laces, whatever.

Then, while working in corporate america for 40+ years, I embellished my “suits” with handmade scarves, or earrings, or some other piece of handcrafted art that made people take notice. It made me feel good that they liked my funky approach, and even better, it made me feel great that I was supporting artists.

Now that I’ve put that life aside, and am excitedly embarking on a new journey, which will be completely devoted to creating art, I was thinking – how should I introduce myself, and what should I say on my very first blog posting. What would give people a sense of who I am and what I believe. The Universe, as usual, responded with an AH HA – “Show pictures of yourself in one of your funky pieces of wearable art.”

I chose these photos for three reasons. First, they represent all the ruminations I went through before I took the leap – questioning, listening, seeing, laughing, doubting – all those emotions we experience when we make life changing decisions. Second, the jacket is awesome. It is a statement about my biggest wish – that there be peace on this sacred planet. Third, the photos and jacket together, remind me that now my responsibility is to contribute to that end through art.

Enjoy, and I look forward to sharing more of me and my work soon. Dog and art, what a combo, right?! The spectacular jacket I am wearing is created by Kippy.