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“They” say … if you find one good and true friend in your life, then surely you are blessed.”


I’m blessed I found Kathie Vezzani nearly 30 years ago. Even though it rained the entire time she was here, in “sunny” San Diego, helping me to get started, and even though over those 4 days we wanted to strangle each other a few times, it’s because of her, that awesome jacket, Kippy, and the dog, of course, that you have my second blog and soon will see my art.

The dog comes courtesy of photographer Andrew Vracin.

A half-dozen years ago, I needed business cards for my consulting practice … I wanted humor reflecting the humor used in my courses.

I love dogs, ( I’m a Fire Dog ), and I especially loves poodles … my little black one turns 16 next month, so I started looking for a funny dog image. That’s how I met Andrew and his photos. I contacted him immediately. We found we had lots in common, including our years of catholic schooling. He was so kind to say yes to my please, please, pleases.

That’s why I love artists.

I had cards that made me and others laugh. Real important.

I used up those cards awhile ago, never thinking my wonderfully funny poodle would resurface. Then Kathie arrives, her heart set on me using the dog for my avatar, and Murphy’s Law kicks in. The dog photo or photographer’s name are nowhere to be found in my “recently” straightened up studio. Yikes, what are we to do. Even St. Anthony is a “no-show.”

I went to bed that evening very discouraged and almost as I drifted off, the Universe gave me my answer. I got up, looked exactly where I was told, and “viola” there was Andrew’s name and number. I called him the next morning, and once again he said yes. Andrew, you are the best and I look forward to seeing your new flower collection.

You can find Andrew at Andrew Vracin Photography

And Kathie, kathievezzani you’ve been an angel to me all these years and you continue to AMAZE me now with your art.